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GranataPet Dry Free Sample

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Granatapet have kindly provided a selection of dry food samples (all grain free of course!), we understand that not everyone uses dry food, but if you'd like to try some please add one to your order or trial pack:
We are limiting this offer to one sample per customer initially so as many people as possible can try them.
Please select your preferred variety from the drop down menu.  Available while stocks last, we'll try our best to provide you with a sample of the requested variety.
Sample bags are 20g and available in:
Adult Duck
Adult Fish
Adult Poultry
Adult Shrimp
Kitten Poultry
GranataPet Adult is a deluxe high premium complete food for all full grown cats and kittens.  
Naturally cats are predominantly predators and gourmets. As such they utilize good high-protein (poultry, duck, shrimps, fish) and adapted fatty (poultry fat, salmon oil) meal. Therefore, our dry food does not contain any cereals. Due to the high premium meat content (animal protein) your cat is fed in a natural manner, and that promises a particularly digestible flavour experience.