The Happy Kitty Company

Introducing TUNDRA cat food

Tundra is produced to mirror the natural diet of a wild cat - lots of fresh meat and offal with a small amount of fruit and vegetable which would naturally come from the preys stomach.

Tundra uses specially selected high quality ingredients, such as wild rabbit and pheasant, along with a small proportion of fruits and vegetables. Tundra contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals along with herbs to support the whole body. Tundra contains no fillers, such as cereals and is also available in 2 single protein varieties (chicken and turkey) for cats with allergies or IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease).

Available in both 200g and 400g in the following varieties:

Chicken Pure
Duck, Turkey & Pheasant
Lamb & Game
Salmon & Duck
Turkey Pure
Wild Rabbit & Chicken



Written by Samantha Rogerson — December 03, 2015